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With a white label cloud email archive, you can be ready to market it as part of your own brand range in no time, and instantly add a new revenue stream to your business.

Email is the primary communication tool for businesses.

Over 60% of a business’s data is stored in email, and much of that is found nowhere else (IDC). There is a lot of critical and sensitive information in the email that every business needs to safeguard constantly and reference in the future.

Your customers are likely to have experienced frustrations from the lack of a proper email archiving solution; misplaced emails, slow searches, accidental deletions, frequently running out of expensive storage space, dealing with compliance and strict data regulations. They may or may not have been educated that an email archiving is the solution to help with their day-to-day productivity and compliance requirements.

As their service provider, email archiving is your opportunity and advantage to build more business. See an example of your partner margins here.

The cloud business email market is estimated to be worth 60.74 billion U.S. dollars annually by 2022


Our partners benefit from our full commitment and support to their success

We want the Solar Archive technology to feel like it is owned by our partners, and therefore have the technical expertise to guide their own customers. We also reveal our cumulative years of market experience to help our partners effectively generate and close sales opportunities. 

Get in touch today to explore a partnership with Solar Archive.

Technical and Support

  • Solution deployment support
  • Solar Archive infrastructure training
  • Support training
  • New customer sign-up support
  • Technical call support
  • Data migration consultancy
  • Development support

Sales and Marketing

  • ‘Campaign in a box’ lead generation campaigns
  • Funded Events
  • Guest Speakers
  • Sales Training
  • Pre-sales technical training
  • Supported webinars
  • Pricing support

Read More in Our Market Analysis Whitepaper

In our Market Analysis Whitepaper, we break down the email archiving market size and explain how Solar Archive gives you the advantages of offering email archiving as a hosted service to stay ahead of your competition.

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