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Does it work with every type of cloud infrastructure?

Yes, whatever underlying infrastructure your data centre uses, Solar Archive will work in perfect harmony with it. Whether it is a public cloud (Microsoft Azure, AWS etc.) or private cloud technology, Solar Archive has been designed to be simple to deploy, low cost to run and efficient in resource usage.

Does it work with every email service?

Yes, Solar Archive will support almost any underlying technology your customer uses for email (Office 365, Google Mail, POP services, or anything else).

How easy is it to host my own email archive?

It is very easy. We use cutting-edge, highly available, multi-tenant cloud technologies to make any components of our system automatically self-healing. The system can handle multiple failures of individual components without interruption to the service or human intervention. It has 99.999% percent availability. By hosting Solar Archive, our partners get a market leading technology which looks after itself and therefore is simple and cost-effective for our partners to host.  

How expensive is it to host my own email archive?

The technology we have used makes it is very cost effective to host Solar Archive. It is designed to use small amounts of CPUs, memory, storage. In an example set up, the partner costs are less than $0.04 USD per user per month, while the customer pays $2-6 USD per user per month, there is exceptionally lucrative margin to be made.

How much margin can I make?

please contact sales@solar-archive.com.


Are there any hardware requirements to host Solar Archive?

In principle, Solar Archive can be run on a single hardware platform, single hardware platform running multiple virtual machines (VM) or multiple hardware platforms either dedicated or running VMs. For production systems, we recommend at least 3 dedicated hardware platforms or VMs to provide a level of redundancy to match the software redundancy.

What makes Solar Archive’s technology unique?

There are several differentiating factors that makes Solar Archive unique:

Forensic Email Archiving

  • Our history is in forensic email archiving for the most highly regulated industries

Scalable Technology

  • The Solar Archive technology is designed to grow as your email archiving customer base grows

Speed of Search

  • Lightning fast search no matter how many mailboxes or how much mail an organisation has

Specialists in our Field

  • 17+ years’ experience in email archiving
Do you have any case studies?

Yes, please contact sales@solar-archive.com to obtain.

Read More in Our Technical Whitepaper

In our Technical Whitepaper, we break down Solar Archive into its individual components to show you how they function both individually and collectively. We also go into specifics about infrastructure integration, including some example configurations.ule Advanced settings.

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